Yesterday’s post implied that music would reach a higher state of spirituality than art.  I was tired and quickly placed a quote that someone stated, which appealed to me at the time, but was not entirely accurate.  Actually art as well as music has the potential to stimulate spiritual and emotional states.  The entire universe is made up of an enormous variety of vibrations or frequencies, of which are only different by degrees, and are all called the electromagnetic spectrum.  Art is in the higher visual frequencies, and music in a lower range of frequencies to be in heard .  The main musical stimulating properties are in the overtones or harmonics, which differentiates the sound of various musical instruments as we know them.  The interplay of various colors and textures in art also have a definite potential for emotional stimulation.  So, we are back to a state of oneness, differing by degrees only.  Enjoy the art and music of your choice.  Love one another