Yesterday, while having my morning nature walk, I was carried away by the beautiful flowers and the great diversity of life that was interconnected and complimentary towards each part.  Everything functioning in it’s own way.  There is a word describing this called ” entelechy”, which means that everything knows what it will become, such as an acorn will become a tree.  All of this brought on the realization that this is because of an Intelligent Design.  The idea that this could have been made from random events is so impossible to my thinking that it is absurd to believe.  I have seen many so called  random events like mutation of a plant species, and other strange happenings, of which causes one to wonder, but there is more that we don’t know than that which we do know.  To not believe that there was an Intelligent Design is called  blindness.  This was from a physical standpoint and one can only imagine the spiritual realm complexity.  Of course, this is my opinion, and you can take it or leave it.       Love one another.