This morning I am making some opinionated rantings.  We live on a fireball with a thin crust on the surface called Earth, and that crust changes position every once in a while with an upheaval.  Not only that, but we are continually extracting materials from the planet in every way possible to feed the greed and the need.  Now we are pumping toxic waste into the depths of the crust to release natural gas.  Everywhere in the universe beyond our planet there is energy in many different forms that we should be researching with a passion, and  it appears to me that we are looking in the wrong direction for our greatly needed energy resources.  There is much more involved than I have mentioned, but surely, sooner or later,  I think our skin will start turning green or purple, or the earth will implode.  It’s too early to make this much noisy thinking, so I had better stop.  Maybe love is the answer with much kindness and compassion.  Give it a try.