I published this last year, but this needs to be shouted from the housetops often: One of the most absurd things going on in this world is that women have believed that they were subordinated to men because of some early writings that were written by men.  The Divine contains within the Oneness the masculine and the feminine characteristics that balanced the structure of everything that exists.  Because of these early ideas women were supposed to wait until some man would club them over the head and drag them into a cave;  it seems funny, but absurd.  The old Testament was designed to see God as a power to be fearful of, and especially masculine.  The new Testament presents Jesus, one who was a perfect balance of masculine and feminine traits.  He was stern when needed and kind and gentle, depending upon the situation.  When did the feminine lose their specialness? 
Now they compete with men for the same jobs, and most certainly should receive equal pay, but the point is they should be honored so they don’t have compete in a “so called” man’s world.  A woman is not to be considered less than, or used by men for their pleasure or slave, but to be viewed as a very special part of creation, and probably the most important.  The world would be in a much better state with more feminine input.  Hats off to the women of the world for their special ability to change the light of the Divine into a human creation.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance, and especially equality.