By reflecting back on my life, thoughts were coming to the forefront of all of the mistakes that I have made, and wonder how I ever made it through this life.  It’s similar to Dante being led out of the inferno by the his spiritual guide Beatrice.  Finally I was redirected, which was happening all of the time, but I was unaware of the spiritual guidance that one has even in the worst of times.  To be a little humorous, I think it is called Grace.  I will not use dogma as a sword because we all are on an individual ” path”, but now I have an insatiable appetite to study and research mystical spiritual truths of direct revelation.  It is between me, the lover, and my Beloved ( God ).  Now my great desire is to share some of this with my family, which is everyone because we are all connected.  I appreciate the many comments that were received: the good and bad ones included.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.