I can remember an old recording of a comedian saying in reference to religion, and trying to be funny: “Kick Thy Own Self”, which is what many of us do.  It is exactly what we are doing right now by purchasing oil from a ” pretending to be a friendly Nation towards us” Regime that has the most Fundamentalist type of Islam in the world:  The Wahhabi Movement, that views us as the “Great Satan”, and trains insurgents to work with the terrorists to kill Americans, and we buy into it because of the oil.  What a mess.  Fundamentalists need to get their head out of the sand and realize the spiritual significance of the Inspired Writings, but don’t count on it soon.  The Dictators want to keep their people in ignorance, which they know that: Knowledge is Power.  Oh well, other than that everything is normal.  Love and kindness is a great force, so let’s use it.