In my opinion I believe that we are indeed a spiritual being having a physical experience,  which implies that we have access to a greater mental and spiritual potential.  The mind which is infinite and unlimited is available to be used, but the problem lies in our limited brain ability, which is only an organ.  A term that I use that was stated by William A.Tiller, PhD of Stanford University,  about the brain having a kind of “reducing valve” to allow only a certain amount of this universal mind to come through.  The so called reducing valve works according to our system of belief or our limited understanding, ( the box we live in).   Obviously, if we apply the various systems of meditation and contemplation, then we open to higher understanding and spirituality.  Now, we must apply this into our everyday life, which is where we are assigned to be, and spread the Divine Light to the world.  Love one another with kindness and patience.