We know from scientific studies that energy cannot created nor destroyed, and we manipulate various energy forms to be applied to an assigned function.  The point being neither created or destroyed, but ETERNAL.  We use this word ETERNAL without thinking about the implications.  Many of our religious beliefs state that if one does a certain thing, (and I said that I would not use dogma in my posts) that one will enter ETERNITY.  If  ETERNITY has no beginning and no end, then the implication is that we were in existence before we came into the physical world, and was in oneness with the Divine always.  I’m sure this will stir up things a bit with many people, but so be it.  So, the statement:  we are spiritual beings having a physical experience seems to apply.  In addition to this we have a “built in” constant desire or yearning to return to the “oneness” that we once had.  This internal desire is veiled over by all of the many physical needs to maintain life as we know it.  Once again the point is:  To remove the veil over our hearts and allow our yearning and desire to be fulfilled, which will certainly need Divine intervention to complete.  Something to think about—love one another with kindness and tolerance.