A philosophy of life is the wisdom one accumulates from experience, reading, and various other forms of information gathering.  It should not be a rigid ideology that doesn’t leave room for development.  It is your private idea that belongs to you alone.  Many shy away from their intuitive development and would rather have a system of Black and White, but most of life is in the Gray, which is for us to interpret.  Your philosophy should be flexible and open to new ideas in order to keep life interesting and morally sound.  Now I know there will be some that will say that we don’t  have the freedom for personal interpretation, and that our instructions are written down to be followed to the letter, but that opens the door to allow someone else to judge and impose their ideas upon us.  Remember that without the Spirit, the Word cannot be understood; it is between you and the Divine of your understanding.  The above is my opinion and an attempt combat fundamentalism.  There is no ” us and them.”    Love one another with kindness and tolerance.