This is a post I made before, but is needed to be repeated from time to time: What we are looking for, we think, lies far into the unknown regions.  The farther we delve into it, the closer we get, but the closer we get, the more we realize that we have farther to go. Finally, after we have traversed the mind, we are back where we started, and come to the understanding that what we have been searching for is within ourselves, and was there all of the time.  At the core of our being, which is called the heart (essence), or Self, lies the Spark of the Divine that we all have; the part of our soul that is eternal.  Now starts the course of our purpose, and that is to make our outer person become more like this inner Spark.  Regardless of any religious teaching, this is the way forward.  It is not difficult to know our condition, and the lack of spirituality in our lives, so this becomes the main purpose of life.  C.G.Jung called this process: Individuation, the integration of the personality.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.