There is always a problem with persons who have an ungrounded faith who insist upon their beliefs too strongly.  They will try to force them onto others, and in turn become belligerent.  This often happens in a fundamentalist approach;  not knowing what is to be understood literally, and what is an allegory, symbol, or a metaphor.  Much of this error starts with being told what to believe by well-meaning individuals without thinking it through yourself.  To add a little humor:  I used to call the process a satanic sandwich.  You layer it with a half-truth, then a truth, then another layer of half-truth, and one more truth, then gobble it down.  It is said:  Study to show yourself approved and then listen to that still small voice within.  You will never be disappointed.  The hard part is quieting down, but well worth the effort.    Love one another with kindness and tolerance.