If we take notice of many of the things that we do each day, such as:  getting up a little later than we planned, breaking something that was valuable or very meaningful, or losing things that we kept in special places that we were attached to, or have thoughts that we try to avoid, or run into someone unexpectedly , or do things that we thought that we couldn’t do?  Much of this comes from the unknown regions of our subconscious.  We need to understand that the subconscious holds an immensity of information and guidance from the unknown.  If we take the time to meditate and contemplate upon this area of our being we will begin to understand that we are more than just our body and brain.  Notice that I did not say “mind”, for the mind is connected to the “All”, or “Primordial Source”, or what we call God,  beyond our understanding.  We are more than we think.  Add this to your ” things to do list”;  it is of utmost importance.   Love one another with kindness and tolerance.