Everything that comes into life has two sides, a masculine and a feminine quality, even love.  The masculine side of love is “I love you.”  Longing is the feminine side of love ” I am waiting for you.  I am longing for you.”  Longing is the cup waiting to be filled.  And sadly, because our culture has devalued the feminine, we have suppressed so much of her nature, so many of her qualities.  Instead we live primarily masculine values;  we are goal- oriented, competitive, driven.  Masculine values even dominate our spiritual quest; we seek to be better, to improve ourselves, to get somewhere.  we have forgotten the feminine qualities of waiting, listening, being empty.  We have dismissed the deep need of the soul, our longing, the feminine side of love.  This is and excerpt from one of my favorite authors and a spiritual leader:  Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.