The one thing we can count on is change.  I think most of life is fighting off inertia, that is until one reaches an age where a little of it would  be welcomed.  A famous author said that: ” you can never go back home again” ( paraphrased ).  As a matter of fact, one cannot read the same book again with the same frame of mind that was originally in place, but that is the best part of change.  We should be accumulating knowledge and wisdom along the way through life, and viewing things more progressively.  The problem is that many of us struggle to hold on to old worn out ideas, when they have no real importance.  We should be moving away from materialism and into a more soulful life of simplicity, however many are doing  just the opposite.  WalMart can pacify us for a moment or two, but there has to be a quick return to buy the next new thing.  The time has come to slow down and “smell the roses.”  Start filling the soul with important lasting qualities, go hug a tree, and watch the stresses of life disappear.  Love one another with kindness and especially tolerance.