I marvel at the state of spirituality that is in place at this time in our history.  I know there are many spiritual groups and many individuals involved in some kind of religious endeavor, but overall, there is a great falling away from the major religions traditions.

The young people say: they will look into all of these religious matters latter in life after they eat, drink, be merry,and etc.  Many older folks say that they have their religious ideas set in concrete, and will follow along the same as their ancestors, or as if some kind of certificate or membership sufficed.

Materialism has completely taken over the world, especially technology.  Families get together and everyone gets out their latest electronic gadget to compare, and then start going their own direction, with little or no fellowship.  Family traditions or sharing spiritual values are on the decline; talking religion or spirituality is a hushed topic.  As I said at the beginning ” I marvel” at the lack of interest in spiritual matters.  The soul of many of us is completely covered over with trivial striving after the next new thing.  I hope it works out for you one way or another.  If you are not moving forward spiritually, then you are allowing inertia to have it’s way.  This is just my opinion.

Love one another with kindness and tolerance.