This idea is from a Thomas Moore book:  The soul is made up of three parts.  One part arrives at birth and never changes, the eternal self. This is the spark of the Divine.  The second level is defined by events and the environment, and changes all of the time, trying to survive and thrive  in the everyday world, called the practical self.  The third level is the caterpillar-and-butterfly part, the unfolding self.  This part is always becoming,  always evolving, unless it is blocked, and goes through deep transformation.  It is the go-between that links the eternal with the everyday.  Ancient societies focused their attention on the unfolding self, while we favor the practical self.

At every moment, we are a star, an agent,and an emerging butterfly.  To keep the unfolding self alive,you have to keep yourself open to change, every step of the way.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.