Morning thoughts once again lead me to the fact, or that which I believe as fact, that in order to make a change for the benefit of the world, there needs to be a return of a more feminine energy.  The need to soften, or to apply emotion to the hardened exploding violent situations occurring are the only possibility left.

Men have a desire to fight fire with fire because society conditions them to be ” a man.”, tough and without emotion.  Much of this comes from a patriarchal idea that God is a masculine, judgmental Deity, however,  no person can really describe the Divine without trying to make one in our image.  God would contain masculine and feminine qualities as well as everything else everywhere.  the “All” of the all.

So, we are back at the start, and a more feminine energy is needed to equalize and soften the hardened power monger ideology that is plaguing the world.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.