We use the term “resonate” often, which means to re-sound or vibrate with another tone of equal pitch.  One must remember that the first sound starts the vibration or resonance.  In Our spiritual searching we look for things that resonate with us, as if we emit the primary tone, which is not the case.  Remember, that deep within our soul there is this “Eternal Spark of the Divine” that emits a vibration continually, and we need to seek to resonate with it.  This is the process that C.G.Jung called “Individuation.”  It it a process that requires much effort, but is a worthwhile journey.  It involves uniting the ego with the true “Self” and becoming whole.  This is a spiritual gain of empowerment for activism, and only out of an overflow can others be helped.  If one is half full, then seek to be filled to overflowing.  Just a thought.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.