A statement made C.G.Jung was posted by my friend Maxwell Purrington reminding me of my thoughts on the subject:  “The conscious mind allows itself to be trained like a parrot, but the unconscious does not.”  There is current talk about subliminal stimulation, and how it’s effect persuades us to act in ways that ordinarily we might not succumb to.  This would first enter the conscious mind through our physical senses, and then possibly pass into our subconscious.  That is the reason for excessive advertizing and other means that we are not fully aware of, so the statement of being trained like a parrot applies; Conscious first,then possibly subconscious.  This is because we are not focused and the mind is running full speed with openings for unwanted information to sneak in.  This was my main point to make, but there is more.

The unconscious is more complex, and there are an immensity of components, of which we are not in total control of, but wouldn’t be as affected by the external means stated above.  This part could get lengthy, but the point is the unconscious can hold many suppressed thoughts we want to hide, called the “Shadow” in Jungian terms.

Archetypes” (traits from history), that are in the collective unconscious are more fixed and not changeable.  I updated this from an earlier post and requires great length to fully explain and understand.  I write with simplicity, however if interested check out:  Carl Jung Depth Psychology on Facebook.   Love one another with kindness and tolerance.