Conditioning is a term for a process that starts in early childhood.  At that time in life we pick up bits of information and patterns according to our family and surroundings thinking it as the way things are supposed to be, and without questioning,  follow along to fit in with others within the family.  Later on in life we might realize that others live life quite differently, and so start the process of changing what was thought as normal to fit in with society, and be part of what is called the collective.  Once again being conditioned to fit in.  This is the normal pattern for most  people.  This is what society expects of one, and any deviation from this is considered to be an outcast, or other undesirable term, which most creative individuals are by choice.  Moving away from the collective and truly being one’s self is the only way to be a self thinker, of which are few.  As for me, I’ll take the road less traveled, and not be part of the herd being led to slaughter.  Just a morning thought.  Love one another with kindness and TOLERANCE.