The “Self” as termed by C.G. Jung is the very core of our being, also called the ” heart”, which is the most perfect part of our entire being and is eternal.  The rest of our being, so to speak, is less than perfect, by conditioning and possibly corrupted and the main purpose in life is striving to bring ourselves into a close relationship with the “Self”, or a uniting with it.  This is stated as if the transformation is up to us to achieve, but when the “Self” is awakened through Divine intervention we move into a state of higher consciousness, and from then on our main focus is within to the Divine, and secondarily, to the life of everyday living where we can interact with others, however then we have become “whole” and can help others from the overflow of our heart.  It is one thing to be enlightened, but without reaching outward to others we might as well go crawl into a cave and sit.  The world is in a mess over a lack of understanding and it is time to “set the captives free, and open the eyes of the blind” as stated in Isaiah 61:1 in the Scriptures.  So, let’s move toward “Wholeness” and then be activists.  Be part of the solution instead of being passive about the problems that exist.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.