The question that I dislike is : “Where do you go to church?”  It has no validity in one’s own private understanding and relationship with the Divine.  It is one of those “fundamentalist” statements that tries to “pigeonhole” the person.  One church doesn’t allow music instruments; another will not allow women to speak; another is against “speaking in tongues”; and another ??????; there is no end to the restrictions.  Congregations will get “on” one verse somewhere and make it Dogma.  No wonder Denominations are dropping in numbers.  Most don’t understand the difference between literal, allegories, parables, and metaphors.  The last thing that gets me going is: “the pastor said such and such and he or she must know.”  Study to show yourself approved, or put on your thinking cap. Of course,  this mainly applies to Christianity.  Church is in the heart…..Just a loud thought!   Love one another with kindness and tolerance.