• We live within a reality much like a movie projector, and most of us have no idea of the process of projection, but almost everything we see and think in life is based on this.  No two persons ever see the same image of something, even a very common thing such as a table, or any other object.  The main reasoning behind this is:  our conditioning from childhood to the present creates presuppositions of reality, in which we think our recognition of all things are correct and  only viewpoint.  These statements are not my view only, but have been known for many years by scientists, philosophers, and  psychologists.

Carl Jung borrowed the term from Freud, but changed it’s meaning and defines: “projection as an unconscious, that is unperceived and unintentional, transfer of subjective psychic elements onto an outer object.”  An understanding of this process should halt judging others,  knowing we have the same elements of judgment ( complexes ) repressed within in our unconscious.  Knowledge is power. Jaya