Deep within the center of our being lies a Bright Shining Star, also called the God-image.  It is something that we cannot fully understand, and from this point we create a god-image based upon our human traits and end up with a god in our image, or some kind of personification that is supposed to perform especially for us and fulfill our wants and desires.  The usual result is a complete misconception of the Ineffable Essence ( indescribable ), and a feeling of being let down when our prayers are not answered in the way we want.

When one takes a literal approach ( called fundamentalism) to the inspired writings of the various religions, of which much symbolism, allegory, and metaphor are written, problems arise and one then lives in a state of quiet desperation, or has a secret anger at the god they created if things don’t go their way.

In the first place prayers should be in admiration and praise of the Great Mystery, and not for our personal situations, which would already be known by an Omniscient  Divine.

So, we are left with the task ( life long ) of finding this Spark of the Divine ( the Self ) within and striving to unite our entire being with it, which is our purpose.  As one makes their way to this Source,  the Light becomes brighter and will reflect to others.  Much of this idea comes from the works and understanding of Dr.Carl Jung, a gifted thinker and prolific writer in his time.