In our system of dualism one always thinks in polar opposites, such as light/dark, white/black, etc., but the facts are all things that appear to be opposite only differ by degrees of change from one extreme to another,  so when does one become the other?   At which point on a scale would white become black, or light become dark.   Of course, one pole will start to change by degrees, and the point is:  who or what decides when it becomes the other?  Each one of us would have a different opinion, so opposites are really the same and only differ by degrees
The important factor is:  there is more in between the poles than at each extreme. In our figures of speech we would say it is in the GRAY AREA.  If most of the important things in life fall into the GRAY AREA, then why do we judge so harshly the way we do, especially when it’s never black or white, or the case for much of what we judge? The answer is: we have determined a system of belief in which we think we are right without complete understanding, or possibly it lies beyond our current knowledge, then becomes an opinion.

After stating the former, we are forced into the situation of being dualistic by having the “necessary” ego that makes distinctions, and gives us the impression of separateness, when in reality we are interconnected. This separation is needed to navigate the physical experience we are living,  and creates the great beautiful diversity we see and enjoy.   Think on this! Good////////////////////Evil.