Wisdom brings with it the understanding that all cultures have their own form of religion, and it should be respected. After having said that, I know the ego would not agree, but the heart would, for it sees us all as ONE.
For a CREATOR, or PRIMORDIAL SOURCE to pick out a few for glory and doom for the rest would be unthinkable, even though no one can really comprehend the DIVINE. Remember, we each have own God-image, in which we believe is right, but not even close. It is said that “God is past finding out.”
Regardless of the way we think, honor the other viewpoints. One usually arrives at a form of religion because of cultural conditioning or family belief systems, and is just accepted to be part of the group.
When the HEART is awakened, then one starts to understand for the first time the unity we have with all others. It will soften our heart and true LOVE will flow. Just a morning thought— Love one another with kindness and acceptance.