What is “within” and how do we get there?  Myself and many others use this term as if everyone would easily understand, however, it is a process of actually listening, or receiving a feeling response from a part of our subconscious, which is called Meditation.  It becomes obvious when the mind is rattling thoughts about everyday life and responsibilities, to hear from our subconscious is next to impossible.  This will be greatly simplified, but will give one and overview.

The first step in this process is to understand a few things about how the brain works.  Scientists have mapped the frequencies of the brain that are present during certain daily activities, such as:  working, resting, sleeping, and etc.  The frequency ranges that apply to the processes involved in everyday life are 12 Hertz and upward called Beta, 8 to 12 Hertz called Alpha, 4 to 8 Hertz called Theta, and 4 Hertz and lower called Delta.  Beta is the common range of our daily activities where thoughts flow freely, Alpha occurs during a resting and relaxed state, Theta , which is more difficult to achieve takes much practice, and usually only individuals trained for several years in meditation can flow into this region, and finally Delta which occurs during sleep.  We all flow in and out of these frequencies all of the time, but learning to control which ones we need in the process of going within takes practice. What we are trying to achieve is a high percentage of the desired frequency range, which would be low alpha or theta.  A little scientific understanding was needed to understand the brain states.

The process is termed Meditation ( quieting the mind and being passive to thoughts circulating from our busy lifestyle ). Now, the title refers to “going within”, and this is how it is achieved.  It is very rare for one to just wait for a feeling, or actually hearing a voice without thoughts interfering, but let the thoughts flow on by ( visualize a river with leaves and sticks floating along with the current and passing by going downstream. Just watch them pass and  don’t pick them up; the same with the thoughts, let them pass ).  As one relaxes for a while the brainwaves will start to slow into the Alpha range, and after a few practice sessions the brain will slow more and into the Theta range. This is the target range to achieve, and also the realm of the soul ( the “Within” ).  At this point one should be discerning the feelings and words,  and if they go against one’s character or beliefs, let them pass by.  And now back to a spiritual approach which is the reason for the journey.

Everything we need to know about spiritual life and our true purpose is found in this “going within state.”  Learn to listen to your intuition rather than getting second hand information and progress along the spiritual path with confidence.

Many books are written on this subject, so it is up to you to gather ideas and practical approaches for success. I have designed several electronic devices to target the slow brainwave patterns, but this is another blog.

Learning to meditate will restore peace into one’s life … give it some consideration.