We are swamped with problems of world crises,  political mumbo-jumbo,  or should I say circus,  economics,  and the list could go,  however,  a big problem lies with our own conditioned life. Take time and look within yourself a ask the question:  am I living an authentic life, or am I following the crowd? You might be surprised, or have fear of being you. We need the diversity of lives and ideas,  so being your own self  is the best possible way of helping the world. It is easy to see that most are followers, and want to fit in, but what is it that you are fitting in with — It is like the blind leading the blind.  Just  try and be an authentic you,  and perhaps you might lead the pack for a change. We need new leaders to make the difference, ones with a peaceful and compassionate agenda, and not greedy power mongers. BE YOU!!!!

I admit that finding our true Self is no easy task.  The Self is usually hidden below many personas and masks to protect our “pretend little self.”  …just a morning thought.