A reflection, or sometimes called a vibration,  is always felt by those around us.  It is no wonder why we can feel what is going on inside a person if we are in close proximity,  the “so called” vibes are flowing,  and we are either attracted to, or repelled.  In some philosophical teachings the term ” reflection” is used to indicate the vibrations sent outward.  A reflection means we are reflecting something that is beaming into us from somewhere else, but this is only a metaphor, as we contain within our mind or soul all that is being “so called” reflected, as in a mirror.  Mirror is a good term because of it’s reflective qualities, that is, if it is kept polished, however,  it requires constant polishing.  The purpose of all of this was to use the metaphor for reflecting the Divine within us.   When we are living only in what is termed our lower nature the mirror is blemished and needs to be polished to allow Light within to flow from our higher nature.  In the very core of our being lies this Divine Light, but is often veiled, or covered over by our our lower nature of living in the world.  We are to be in the world, but not of it… So, polish that mirror always to “REFLECT the LIGHT within… just a morning thought kept simple.