There are so many things I want to share with my friends on FB and everywhere, and distractions enter faster than thoughts.  I have lived a blessed life in spite of my failings.  I started as a chunky little baby and fought the chunkiness as long as I can remember, except during my teenage years, and about fifteen years of playing music when “Rock n’ Roll” first started.  I guess the late night hours of playing in nightclubs kept me thin.  It was certainly the fun years, but finally it wore me down.

After the music days and settling down, the fat fight started in again.  I won most of the time until later years and a more sedentary lifestyle set in, even though I worked hard as a Landscape Designer and Contractor, my metabolism slowed down and the fat started sneaking back in.

After all the hard work I started producing art for a company, and just sitting and painting didn’t help the waistline at all.  Oh well, what can I say now…just call me “Lump”, but I’ll keep trying to lose the belly.

There are many things I could add to this little statement or blog, but that will be another time….Just some morning thoughts.

 Love one another with examples of kindness and compassion.  This is my blog site…come for a visit, there are many short articles.Image