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I wonder how many of us actually think about what is it we want to express, what’s on our heart, or maybe a reaction to something we heard, or rush to a site that contains just the right picture and impressive words to make a post?  I’m sure we all have a stash of sites and photos to go to, especially when we are tired, or feel the need to hurry and fill the Facebook with our daily posts.  Life pulls us along at a “hurry-up-and-get-there” pace, which only allows a short time for all of our “doings.” It becomes the routine of our life.  We should slow down and take time to speak from our heart, or at least give some thought about issues we are confronted with, and then formulate something genuine to to say or write about.  There are thousands of pictures that can add to the words from one’s heart.  I know, there is not enough time, or maybe we are afraid our words won’t be effective, or too simple.  Just go to your heart and surely something will come to mind — try it and see what happens.

Image Give a little time to what is really the purpose of life:  making a difference for the betterment of mankind…Jaya / Victor………….A sketch I made for a painting.

Removing Preconceptions

It is easy to say “forget the past and move on”, but preconceptions linger into our thoughts and actions. We have been conditioned by earlier life and it takes much study and perseverance to change how we think and act (almost supernatural intervention, or maybe so).
In my case, I had to suspend thought on many subjects for quite awhile to be able to see with new eyes and think with a clear mind.
The end result was acceptance and toleration. My world became larger and thoughts of the *Primordial Source/ The Divine of Everything* were enhanced, opening me to feel the Great Love flowing into my being. Now my mission is to express this Love to others as much as possible. We are all connected and ONE. Just a thought….Love one another with action……My art.ImageE