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Enduring Love

Outer or physical love with it’s projections, conditions, and drama can bring happiness, however it can be very fleeting with it’s ups and downs. Sometimes this endures for a time, but never-the-less, conditional.  Inner or soul love between you and the Divine not only brings great enduring joy, but is unconditional and eternal.  One can have both the former and the latter, but the “lover and the Beloved (God)” gives one true happiness and impetus for a good life.  Love one another with kindness and tolerance.

A few years ago while mining the soul, or rather meditating, and searching my subconscious regions for exciting information, I was having a problem getting results.  So, I decided to give up and wait for another time.  That same night I received a dream vision which contained a lady wearing armor and standing on the shoreline of a great ocean with a sword stuck in the sand. The accompanying painting depicts the vision. ( Whenever I have visions I paint the scene as soon as possible.) I asked the lady about the meaning of the scene and she replied:  There are things in the unconscious that will not be revealed until the time is right, and you cannot obtain certain things from there until the proper time.  I stand guard between the conscious and the unconscious.  There will be no exchange until the right time has come.