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Science and Direct Revelation

For many years I have worked with electronics to open the various “gates” to the brain. The terms used were: “eye gate”,” ear gate”, and direct electronic stimulation to various parts of the brain. The main term for this is called “cranial electro- stimulation”, or referred to as “CES”, and it opened many gates of perception My designs would entrain brainwaves to achieve an enhanced way to meditate, and in fact, the process would quicken the time of learning to meditate and contemplate effectively. This all worked from a scientific standpoint, but to open the veiled heart, and allow the emotion and love to be expressed was only possible with Divine intervention.

There is no way to describe this, except from the experience, and there is nothing that compares to “direct revelation”. The love that flows from this experience is beyond our understanding. 

The process, actually a…

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