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Science and Direct Revelation

For many years I have worked with electronics to open the various “gates” to the brain. The terms used were: “eye gate”,” ear gate”, and direct electronic stimulation to various parts of the brain. The main term for this is called “cranial electro- stimulation”, or referred to as “CES”, and it opened many gates of perception My designs would entrain brainwaves to achieve an enhanced way to meditate, and in fact, the process would quicken the time of learning to meditate and contemplate effectively. This all worked from a scientific standpoint, but to open the veiled heart, and allow the emotion and love to be expressed was only possible with Divine intervention.

There is no way to describe this, except from the experience, and there is nothing that compares to “direct revelation”. The love that flows from this experience is beyond our understanding. 

The process, actually a new way of life,  is a path of striving to purify one’s soul and seeking the source of our being.  It may happen quickly, or take one’s lifetime, but the Divine of our understanding has to awaken the heart to complete the union.  This is where the Love flows beyond all understanding and cannot be explained fully, in fact, many will think you are going crazy, because not all will have this privilege ( Many are called, but few are chosen as the Scriptures indicate).  This is called Mysticism, and has a long history…there is no shortcut or quick fix……………..My abstract art.Image

I wonder how many of us actually think about what is it we want to express, what’s on our heart, or maybe a reaction to something we heard, or rush to a site that contains just the right picture and impressive words to make a post?  I’m sure we all have a stash of sites and photos to go to, especially when we are tired, or feel the need to hurry and fill the Facebook with our daily posts.  Life pulls us along at a “hurry-up-and-get-there” pace, which only allows a short time for all of our “doings.” It becomes the routine of our life.  We should slow down and take time to speak from our heart, or at least give some thought about issues we are confronted with, and then formulate something genuine to to say or write about.  There are thousands of pictures that can add to the words from one’s heart.  I know, there is not enough time, or maybe we are afraid our words won’t be effective, or too simple.  Just go to your heart and surely something will come to mind — try it and see what happens.

Image Give a little time to what is really the purpose of life:  making a difference for the betterment of mankind…Jaya / Victor………….A sketch I made for a painting.

It is easy to say “forget the past and move on”, but preconceptions linger into our thoughts and actions. We have been conditioned by earlier life and it takes much study and perseverance to change how we think and act (almost supernatural intervention, or maybe so).
In my case, I had to suspend thought on many subjects for quite awhile to be able to see with new eyes and think with a clear mind.
The end result was acceptance and toleration. My world became larger and thoughts of the *Primordial Source/ The Divine of Everything* were enhanced, opening me to feel the Great Love flowing into my being. Now my mission is to express this Love to others as much as possible. We are all connected and ONE. Just a morning thought….Love one another with action……My art.ImageE

There are so many things I want to share with my friends on FB and everywhere, and distractions enter faster than thoughts.  I have lived a blessed life in spite of my failings.  I started as a chunky little baby and fought the chunkiness as long as I can remember, except during my teenage years, and about fifteen years of playing music when “Rock n’ Roll” first started.  I guess the late night hours of playing in nightclubs kept me thin.  It was certainly the fun years, but finally it wore me down.

After the music days and settling down, the fat fight started in again.  I won most of the time until later years and a more sedentary lifestyle set in, even though I worked hard as a Landscape Designer and Contractor, my metabolism slowed down and the fat started sneaking back in.

After all the hard work I started producing art for a company, and just sitting and painting didn’t help the waistline at all.  Oh well, what can I say now…just call me “Lump”, but I’ll keep trying to lose the belly.

There are many things I could add to this little statement or blog, but that will be another time….Just some morning thoughts.

 Love one another with examples of kindness and compassion.  This is my blog site…come for a visit, there are many short articles.Image

C. Victor Posing:

A prayer to remember.

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Oh, most singular and unspeakable Presence, first and last in the universe, heighten the fury of my fire and burn away the dross of my being.  Cleanse my soiled soul; bathe me in your awesome light.  Set me free from my history and cut me loose from my boundaries.  Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength.  Fill me with your Presence, allow me to see through your singular Eye,  grant me entry into your Mind,  let me resonate with your Will.  Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your light only.  Transmute me into an incorruptable Stone in in your eternal service, like the golden light that surrounds you.

I want to publish this prayer every once in awhile to share with new friends.  It is  profound  and worth copying for personal uses.

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Originally posted on cvictorposing:

A statement made C.G.Jung was posted by my friend Maxwell Purrington reminding me of my thoughts on the subject:  “The conscious mind allows itself to be trained like a parrot, but the unconscious does not.”  There is current talk about subliminal stimulation, and how it’s effect persuades us to act in ways that ordinarily we might not succumb to.  This would first enter the conscious mind through our physical senses, and then possibly pass into our subconscious.  That is the reason for excessive advertizing and other means that we are not fully aware of, so the statement of being trained like a parrot applies; Conscious first,then possibly subconscious.  This is because we are not focused and the mind is running full speed with openings for unwanted information to sneak in.  This was my main point to make, but there is more.

The unconscious is more complex, and there are…

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A reflection, or sometimes called a vibration,  is always felt by those around us.  It is no wonder why we can feel what is going on inside a person if we are in close proximity,  the “so called” vibes are flowing,  and we are either attracted to, or repelled.  In some philosophical teachings the term ” reflection” is used to indicate the vibrations sent outward.  A reflection means we are reflecting something that is beaming into us from somewhere else, but this is only a metaphor, as we contain within our mind or soul all that is being “so called” reflected, as in a mirror.  Mirror is a good term because of it’s reflective qualities, that is, if it is kept polished, however,  it requires constant polishing.  The purpose of all of this was to use the metaphor for reflecting the Divine within us.   When we are living only in what is termed our lower nature the mirror is blemished and needs to be polished to allow Light within to flow from our higher nature.  In the very core of our being lies this Divine Light, but is often veiled, or covered over by our our lower nature of living in the world.  We are to be in the world, but not of it… So, polish that mirror always to “REFLECT the LIGHT within… just a morning thought kept simple.

The Path

The path is always forward, that is, if you think you make the path.  If you are on the right path, you’re right;  if you are on the wrong path, it might only be in your mind,  but that is the  choice you have made.  There are times when we have to take the” long way” in order to get the message,  so keep on going with the “Unseen Guidance”,  which is there all the time, whether you realize it or not, and keep treading.  The goal will be reached sooner or later depending on what you might need to learn…some heads are harder than others…    Just a thought.

Be Authentic

We are swamped with problems of world crises,  political mumbo-jumbo,  or should I say circus,  economics,  and the list could go,  however,  a big problem lies with our own conditioned life. Take time and look within yourself a ask the question:  am I living an authentic life, or am I following the crowd? You might be surprised, or have fear of being you. We need the diversity of lives and ideas,  so being your own self  is the best possible way of helping the world. It is easy to see that most are followers, and want to fit in, but what is it that you are fitting in with — It is like the blind leading the blind.  Just  try and be an authentic you,  and perhaps you might lead the pack for a change. We need new leaders to make the difference, ones with a peaceful and compassionate agenda, and not greedy power mongers. BE YOU!!!! ….just a morning thought.

What is “within” and how do we get there?  Myself and many others use this term as if everyone would easily understand, however, it is a process of actually listening, or receiving a feeling response from a part of our subconscious, which is called Meditation.  It becomes obvious when the mind is rattling thoughts about everyday life and responsibilities, to hear from our subconscious is next to impossible.  This will be greatly simplified, but will give one and overview.

The first step in this process is to understand a few things about how the brain works.  Scientists have mapped the frequencies of the brain that are present during certain daily activities, such as:  working, resting, sleeping, and etc.  The frequency ranges that apply to the processes involved in everyday life are 12 Hertz and upward called Beta, 8 to 12 Hertz called Alpha, 4 to 8 Hertz called Theta, and 4 Hertz and lower called Delta.  Beta is the common range of our daily activities where thoughts flow freely, Alpha occurs during a resting and relaxed state, Theta , which is more difficult to achieve takes much practice, and usually only individuals trained for several years in meditation can flow into this region, and finally Delta which occurs during sleep.  We all flow in and out of these frequencies all of the time, but learning to control which ones we need in the process of going within takes practice. What we are trying to achieve is a high percentage of the desired frequency range, which would be low alpha or theta.  A little scientific understanding was needed to understand the brain states.

The process is termed Meditation ( quieting the mind and being passive to thoughts circulating from our busy lifestyle ). Now, the title refers to “going within”, and this is how it is achieved.  It is very rare for one to just wait for a feeling, or actually hearing a voice without thoughts interfering, but let the thoughts flow on by ( visualize a river with leaves and sticks floating along with the current and passing by going downstream. Just watch them pass and  don’t pick them up; the same with the thoughts, let them pass ).  As one relaxes for a while the brainwaves will start to slow into the Alpha range, and after a few practice sessions the brain will slow more and into the Theta range. This is the target range to achieve, and also the realm of the soul ( the “Within” ).  At this point one should be discerning the feelings and words,  and if they go against one’s character or beliefs, let them pass by.  And now back to a spiritual approach which is the reason for the journey.

Everything we need to know about spiritual life and our true purpose is found in this “going within state.”  Learn to listen to your intuition rather than getting second hand information and progress along the spiritual path with confidence.

Many books are written on this subject, so it is up to you to gather ideas and practical approaches for success. I have designed several electronic devices to target the slow brainwave patterns, but this is another blog.

Learning to meditate will restore peace into one’s life … give it some consideration.


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